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Co-branding can be a powerful tool to expand the reach and relevance of the AkijBashir brand. This section provides guidelines on how to co-brand in a visually coherent way, ensuring that the expression of the AkijBashir brand remains solid and recognizable.

All co-branding initiatives must be approved before implementation. You can request the complete guidelines from the marketing team at​

Roles in co-branding

When considering any co-branding partnership, it is crucial to assess it from AkijBashir's perspective to ensure that it aligns with their overall brand strategy.

Roles in Co-Branding
In a co-branding relationship, there are typically two roles: the driver and the passenger. The driver is the initiator, owner, or driving force behind the collaboration. The driver's logo is usually placed first in the co-branding lockup.

AkijBashir as Driver
AkijBashir as Passenger