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Sponsorship serves as a potent means to enhance brand awareness and market presence. However, the key lies in judiciously assessing each opportunity to ensure alignment with the AkijBashir corporate brand or its associated brand positioning and guidelines.

Preserving a robust brand identity demands consistent and accurate use of brand assets. Hence, adherence to the sponsorship checklist and guidelines is imperative in any sponsorship engagement.

All sponsorship initiatives must seek approval before implementation

Sponsorship Checklist

This checklist serves as a foundational guide for assessing potential sponsorship opportunities. While not exhaustive, it provides key considerations for evaluating each sponsorship occasion individually:

Audience: Evaluate the demographics and interests of the event attendees. Do they align with AkijBashir’s target audience, demonstrating potential interest in our products or services?

Brand Fit: Assess whether the event aligns with AkijBashir’s brand values and image. Will sponsorship contribute to reinforcing our brand identity and messaging?

Reach: Consider the size and reach of the event. Will it offer sufficient exposure to justify the investment for AkijBashir?

Budget: Determine the sponsorship budget. Will the associated costs yield a positive return on investment for AkijBashir?

Activation Opportunities: Explore opportunities for brand engagement and promotion during the event. Are there chances for product placement or creating branded experiences?

Competitor Involvement: Investigate whether competitors are sponsoring the same event. If so, can our brand stand out and make a distinct impact?

Event Reputation: Evaluate the event’s reputation and the credibility of its organizers. Will associating AkijBashir with the event positively impact our brand’s reputation?

This checklist ensures a thorough examination of sponsorship opportunities, tailored to align with AkijBashir's strategic goals. If you are confident and meet the criteria, please send your proposal to