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Towards a
Better Planet

Our dedication to integrating environmental sustainability into every facet of our products and manufacturing processes is our way of paving the path toward a more promising and sustainable tomorrow.

deforestation is reduced by sustainable product development

Sustainable Product Development That Reduced Deforestation

Our standout achievement in sustainability is the reduction of deforestation by an impressive 5%, primarily by conserving wood for furniture production.​ ​

At AkijBashir, our dedication to environmental preservation takes center stage as we annually save a remarkable 3 million cubic meters of timber through our sustainable product development, best exemplified by our Akij Board. This commitment extends far beyond the present; it's about nurturing a harmonious relationship between our community and the surrounding nature for future generations. Together, we can safeguard and preserve what rightfully belongs in the embrace of nature for all time.​ ​

Furthermore, our sustainability efforts extend to producing particle boards and MDF boards, offering eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wood. We proudly employ tree branches instead of raw wood in our manufacturing processes, a practice that conserves precious resources and reduces the pressure on deforestation. These collective efforts reflect our unwavering commitment to forging a greener, more sustainable future.​

Innovative Technology for Sustainable Energy Conservation​

We've harnessed innovative technology at Akij Ceramics that empowers us to conserve an impressive 600,000 cubic feet (ft³) of natural gas every day. This significant achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.

Carbon Emissions Reduced​

Our commitment to sustainability is further exemplified by our remarkable achievement in reducing carbon emissions. We have successfully decreased carbon emissions per square meter of tiles production by an impressive 13%, equivalent to the annual contribution of 250,000 trees.​ ​

At Akij Ceramics, we've embraced cutting-edge technology at our production plant, allowing us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint without compromising the quality of our products. This harmonious blend of innovation and environmental responsibility is a testament to our dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future.

Green Source of Energy​

In our journey towards energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, one pivotal step is the integration of green energy sources. Presently, we are proud to generate 20% of our electricity from solar panels, and our vision for the future is nothing short of ambitious. With our current solar power infrastructure, we produce a substantial 100 MW of electricity.​ ​

Looking ahead, within the next year, we aspire to extend our commitment even further by covering the entire roof space of all our factories, resulting in a remarkable 400 MW of electricity production. This unwavering dedication to sustainable energy solutions is a testament to our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.​

Sustainable Heat Recovery: Transforming Waste Heat into Environmental Gains

One of our notable sustainable initiatives involves the recovery of waste heat from both our kiln and gas generator chimneys. This innovative approach successfully reduced atmospheric temperatures equivalent to 15,000 standard cubic meters (SCM) of air. Our commitment to harnessing and repurposing waste heat exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and underscores our role in mitigating environmental impacts. Together, we're forging a path towards a greener and more responsible future.

Sustainable Water Management: Leading the Way to a Zero-Discharge Future​

Our primary sustainability initiative is striving for zero water discharge in our operations. Currently, we've achieved close to 50% progress and aim to reach 100% utilization of wastewater within the next year, saving approximately 200,000 liters of water daily. We're also exploring rainwater harvesting to reduce groundwater reliance.​

​ Furthermore, our research into jute retting has identified a genome that significantly accelerates the process, cutting water usage and improving fiber quality. Importantly, this innovation is open-source, promoting industry-wide adoption. These initiatives reflect our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

Planting a Sustainable Tomorrow

As a part of our plantation program, we distributed 500,000 plants free of charge last year. Our ambitious target for 2023-24 is to distribute 2.5 million plants. This initiative underscores our commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Sustainable Waste Recycling

We proudly implement a sustainable waste recycling program that achieves 100% reuse of solid waste generated from our ceramic production processes. With an average daily consumption of 51 metric tons, our commitment to recycling minimizes waste and contributes to a cleaner and more environmentally responsible operation.